Thrift Store Finds.....

I've been on the hunt for a new headboard for months now. When I finally decided to make my own I ran across this gem. I stopped over at Habitat for Humanity looking for some side table that would work with my design scheme on another project, and low and behold the design Gods we shinning down on me. This queen size headboard was priced at $25.00 and I was not about to let it pass me bye. I'm so excited to get started working on it. A little TLC is all this headboard needs and I'm ready to nurture it. Headboard make over take one.  There are plenty of unseen treasures at your local thrift store. If you are a DIYer like myself take some time to shop your local stores before diving into your next project. You might find it a little more satisfying doing the work yourself and a bit more budget friendly by going the thrift store route.

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