Happy Valentines Day.....

Happy Valentines Day. May your day be filled with unexpected Joy, Love, and plenty of Happiness. Wine and chocolate brings me all three. Have a lovely, loving day everyone. 


Leave A Love Note.....

There's nothing better than receiving a heartfelt love letter. Especially if it's from the one you can't seem to stop blushing over. Instead of the traditional Valentines Day gift or card, why not change things up this year. Better Homes & Gardens features these super cutesy V-Day cards, along with tutorials and templates to get the job done in a jiffy. If your like me, and love to give something handmade try a personalized card this year. Say what you mean, in a way that will warm your Valentines heart. 

Images Courtesy of:Better Homes & Gardens


Tip of the Week: Camouflage It...

This weeks tip is based on camouflage. Do you have extra storage in a space that has become an eye sore for you? You know, those plastic bins in the corner that store your nick-knacks. How about those mops and brooms that are needed on a daily basis, but there's have no where else to put them except in the corner of a room? Yeah that extra storage! Don't be bashful well all have that corner. Well, a folding screen can solve this problem without taking away from the look of the space. 

Pictured above is a folding screen, I created, with minimal supplies. Three pieces of plywood (cut to the size of your choice), 8 hinges/screws, quart of paint, and 2 yards of fabric. This project should only take about two hours (depending on how fast you work). This is an easy and quick way to cover unsightly items. Folding screens can also be used as dividers to separate spaces or used as a decor piece. As an added touch, a mirror on the front of this design can act as a makeshift dressing room. Bet you can't guess what I'm hiding....


My Designs Custom Made Benches....

I have been on pins and needles waiting to show you all these benches that I custom made for the seating area over at Folliclez 360 Salon. We started on this project a few months back and we have now achieved a look that is not only appealing to the eyes,  but also comfortable and inviting. This was a project I had to but my back into. No literally, I started out with a few 2x4's and a sheet of plywood (hence the back breaking work). Using the 2x4's I made a 5ft x16in frame, topped it with a few pieces of plywood cut to size, some foam, batting and covered it in this beautiful fabric. Sounds so simple when you spell it all out, but it was a lot of hard work that I am now patting myself on the back for. I could not be happier with the way the benches turned out. I can sleep easier knowing that I have another happy client in the bag. Leave a comment, I would Love to hear your thoughts. You can also contact me directly @ Mydesign80@gmail.com for custom design services. 

Here's a picture of the frame built using 2x4's and 1" thick plywood.

Before & After: French Provincial Dresser

There is just something about a DIY project that gets my creative juice's flowing.  While hunting the city for a project I'm currently working on, I found this French Provincial dresser that was just to good to pass up. I bargained my way into a killer deal and walked out the store one satisfied customer. When I got home, I got right to work. I sanded the piece down, primed, and painted it for an updated more modern look to make it work with the space. I have to admit, this was one of those projects I did not want to see leave the workshop. I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out.



It's finally 2012, finally! I can't tell you all how much I've been looking forward to this year. I'm not big on horoscopes and things of that natural, but last night I was prompted to read my horoscope for January 2012 and I must say it put me in a really good space. Seems as if Mars is hanging around for a while, which should help to keep my creative juices flowing and if I read it correctly 2012 just might be the year I can potentially see my name up in lights. Even if I have to build my own marquee and hang it on my garage out front. Lights are the goal this year. Reading my horoscope shined a light of inspiration on me that had seem to start to dull. So I want to know what's inspired you so far in 2012. Do you have a plan for the next 363 days of this year. If not check your horoscope, maybe you do and just don't know it yet.