Real Bedrooms with Big Style....

I Love the simple matte photos over the bed in this room. Gives the space a personal feel while adding to the design.

I Love the elegance the gold trimming brings to this design. It's just enough to make a statement.

I Love the night stands and chest in front of the bed in this space. They unify the room for a clean look.

I Love all things Teal Blue. That is all. And the chandelier makes me want one of my own.

What Girl dose not want to sleep under a elegant canopy?  Love It!

I Love this one because it simple. Less is always more, and this is a perfect example of that.

I Love the mood this room gives off. These a nice hotel vibe going on here. 

We sometimes see bedrooms in magazines and think to ourselves, "Man I wish my room looked as good as this one does." Well over at Better Homes & Gardens they are showcasing 25 Real Bedrooms. These are a pick of favorites from the staff over there and I have to say I have a few favorites of my own. While I can't show you all 25 bedrooms the photos above are a few of my own favorite picks. These bedrooms are very simple in design and can be duplicated on a budget. Bedrooms out of a magazine are no longer out of arms reach.

Images Courtesy of: Better Homes & Gardens


Make something Today.... Messenger Bag Tutorial.

I'm the kind of gal that can throw everything in one big bag and head out the door. I saw this fabric and thought it would make the cutest messenger bag, and what do you know. It Did! Since it's Friday I figured you might have a little extra time on your hands this weekend so why not make something. This messenger bag is great for those of us that are on the go a lot and need a big enough bag to carry all the essentials. Click here Messenger Bag for a step by step tutorial on how to make this bag. If you choose to make one of your own I would Love to see it. Please email all photos to, Thanks. Happy Sewing.


Everyone Loves Legos.....

Lego Wall Hangings

 Lego Dining Table

 Lego House ( Demolition Phase) 

Lego Kitchen Counter

Lego CEO Desk

Lego Storage Boxes

I was always the kid that went the safe route when it came time to play with the Lego's. Only because I was never a Lego architect, never could really do anything elaborate or over the top with them. Always simple, always plain. I was actually quite envious of the kids that could make just about anything with Lego's. Now a days you can find just about any and everything in your wildest dreams made from Lego's. Home decor has caught on to the Lego trend. Writer James May constructed an entire Lego house along with about 1000 helpers. Lego lovers from around the world are bringing the trend into their homes with Lego constructed furniture and Lego inspired accessories. Just makes you want to put something together. 

Images Courtesy of: A GreenLivingCube MeReyu DesignParehe


Classic Furniture...... Charles & Ray Eames

Eames Molded Plywood Chair

Eames Hang-It-All Rack

Eames Desk Unit

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Eames Molded Plastic Armchair, Rocker Base

Eames Sofa Compact

Charles and Ray Eames were a husband and wife duo that were a force to be reckoned with in American Design. Their classic pieces can still be found in luxury homes around the world. These innovative designs changed the look of American Modern Furniture. These are a few of my favorite pieces that are still very popular to this day.

Images Courtesy of: Herman Miller


Palm Springs Ca.....

I spent this past weekend in Palm Springs with the girls, and Boy did we need a getaway. I love the old desert style that palm springs has held on to for all these years. Somehow it reminds me of old time Las Vegas. With all the brick, stone, and palm trees infused into the decor with a modern feel. Despite the heat I love running away for the weekend and winding up here. And the Thrift shops are just to die for. 


Dining Rooms I would Love to Dine In.....

The Dining Room pictured above put me in the mood for some Good Eats. This just may sound a little greedy, but I love the way food can change your entire mood. Always turns my frowns into smiles, or smiles into bigger ones for that matter. Food is one of the Gateways to my soul I swear. There's nothing
better than a good meal, with good company, being served in a gorgeous space. 


Recycle, and Reuse.... Tire Edition

I saw the coolest chair today and it was made from old recycled tires. It was one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. Sucks that I did not have my camera on me to take a photo to share so I searched the net to see if I could find one. Unfortunately I could not find that particular chair, but I found a few other cool pieces of furniture made from recycled tires. I'm always amazed at the creative things people come up with using materials that you don't normally find in the average persons home.

Images Courtesy of: cft411Decorating Design InteriorNeutra DesignIGreen SpotIn HabitatInsta Blogs Images


Summer Porches.....

Do you have a nice airy porch that you are not taking advantage of this summer. Well it's never too late for a summer porch makeover. Here are a few cool porches that make me just want to hang out all day with a lemonade and my laptop. If your up for the decorating challenge here are a few tips that might help you along the way. First, make it comfy. There's nothing worst than a space that looks extremely nice but is extremely  uncomfortable at the same time. Yard sale's and flea markets are a great way to find furniture that is suitable for a porch makeover. Choose fabric that will weather the storm. Sometimes the weather changes up on us in the blink of an eye, no one wants to make a b-line to the porch to save pillows due to sudden weather changes. Lastly, give your porch personality. When your chillin' out on a warm summer day, you want your neighbors to drive bye and admire what they see. Summer's not over yet, there's still time to make the best of it.

Images Courtesy of:Apartment TherapyContentina CottageFamous Interior DesignFront-porch-ideas-and-moreHome Design DecorateThe Shabby Creek Cottage