Design Bloggers Conference.....

Today I will be attending my first Design Bloggers Conference, and I can't tell you how excited I am. The conference was kicked off last night with a get to know you cocktail mixer. I really enjoyed myself. New people, and good conversation is always a great start . I can't wait to see what today has in store. 


Sick Day....

Boy O' Boy i hate being sick. Im taking the day off to rest. Stay Germ free everyone.

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Show Your Mantel Some Love....

Do you have a bare mantel in your home somewhere. Well I do and I can't seem to figure out what to do with it. The are so many options out there I can't seem to buckle down and choose one. When it comes to decorating a mantel it can be done in a very inexpensive manner. Shop around your home for items that will display well on your mantel. Small accessories work well, be sure to grab a few that range in size so that the eye has something to be drawn too. Arrange as you see fit, and don't worry if you arrange and rearrange a few times it has to feel right to you.  With small accessories slick modern white tends to be my favorite. If you have any vintage books around the house they can also be stacked on the mantel to bring a since of history into the space. None on hand, don't worry check your local thrift or goodwill stores. They always have books on sale that are cheap and will do the trick, it doesn't matter if you don't read them it's for decor purposes anyway. If your not big on nick-knacks artwork speaks for itself. Find eye catching art that goes with the theme and feel of the room and arrange it as you see fit. Are you a photo lover like myself you can opt for a collage of meaningful photos to bring your mantel to life. Incorporate a few multiple pieces whether it be framed art work, mirrors, or vases, it will always work. Lastly natural elements will never let you down. Using birds, nests, wood, plants, greens, and a few candles will allow you to bring the outside in. Hopefully these few tips will help you to create a beautiful mantel piece. If only I could make up my mind as to what I would like to do with mine. 

P.S. If you don't have a mantel but would like the look of one a simple shelf will do the trick.


Happy Presidents Day.

Happy Presidents Day.No School, and No Work. Thanks George, Thanks Abe. 

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Shopping Spree.....Deja New....

These little guys are just the cutest. They are painted snail shells. 

Oh how I love the Wine. I'm headed back on Monday to grab this baby. It has my name written all over it.

Sorry about the poor picture quality but these vases and candle holders are blue in color and just fabulous.

This is my fun find. This wicker stool was priced down to $30. Can you say SCORE. It's in the process of transformation right now.

I mean do I really have to say how dope this lamp is. For all my beach lovers.

I was out shopping this week for a master bedroom project I'm currently working on. My goal was to find a night stand, or something like it. I absolutely Love transforming the old into the new. My first thought was to drop into Ikea and grab a small nightstand that I could add my own flare too. No luck there, nothing caught my eye. While heading home I remembered there is a Great and I mean Great consignment shop by my house called "Deja New". I just adore that name. Any-who this place never lets me down. They always seem to have exactly what I am looking for, or something that will make me modify my whole design scheme because I have to have a certain piece. I don't know about you but I can't pass up a good deal. While browsing around the store I snapped a few shots of some great finds. So if your ever in the Torrance/Lomita area looking for a few really good quality Vintage items, or maybe you have items that you have no use for and want to sale them stop by give Sharron a hollah. She said I didn't have to mention her name but she was so nice why not. =)

Deja New
2257 Pacific Coast Hwy
Lomita Ca 90717
(310) 530- 9747


Designer Spot Light.....Cecil Hayes

Today's spot light will be shined on a woman who has paved the way for African American Interior Designers. Cecil Hayes is a designer to the stars. Her history in interior design has opened so many doors for African American Interior Designers, she was the first African American to grace the pages of Architectural Digest. She has also been named in their top 100 list of Interior Designers in the world three different times. In 2002 Cecil launched her own furniture line Mikala Inc, which she created and manufactured herself becoming the first African American to achieve such a goal. She has so many achievements and awards I can go on for days here. An induction into the Smithsonian Institute Design museum, inducted into the History Makers Archives, an NAACP Hall of Fame recipient. Need I say more. Cecil Hayes is deserving of our love and praise for working so hard to build her brand and allowing the world to shine light on African American Interior Designers.

Images courtesy of : Cecil Hayes. com


Beautiful Black Skin.....

Beautiful Black Skin. There are so many misconceptions out there about black women. It saddens me at times, but I know the truth is we are all not the same. I went browsing the net this morning looking for art work for myself when I came across Soul-Sista. I must say I Love every thing about is painting. She's rocking the big head-phones, probably listening to some old school R&B. The curly Afro seems tight with the head band to spice it up a bit. The tattoo artwork on her back let's me know she's among my generation (because we all seem to be tatted now a days). Her sweater hanging slightly off her shoulders adds that sassy-ness that we all seem to know and love =). Oh, the beautiful glow of her skin against the yellow background is just perfect. The images that we see in the media of Black women are sometimes just down right crazy. I wish I could send out a memo to the world that states "They are Characters on T.V. Not the real thing". Each one of these painting above reminds me of a women I know or knew once in my life time. If you had to choose, which black girl do you think is your perfect fit. Me personally I see a little bit of Myisha in each and every one of them. Black Girls Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



It's not always the best feeling pouring your heart into a project and in the end you get no recognition,and no pay. Unless you are pouring your heart into a project for someone you truly love. My mother is finally going to get the master bed room she deserves. The next two weeks of my life will be dedicated to transforming her space into something new and blue. 

A Piece of Me!!!!!!!!!!!

This is me! Smiling because I'm blessed to see another day. My family is in good spirits and my life is moving in a direction that feels right on so many levels. With that said, let me just say all that glitters Ain't Gold! Just a little background on what I go through and How I deal. I am a single mother of a four year old little boy. He keeps me going, no lie. Every move I make in my life he is the first thought that pops in my head. How will it effect him, is this move beneficial to his well-being, will I look back on it and regret it? Without my faith in God, and the overwhelming love I feel as a mother I'm not sure if I would have the energy to keep moving forward. Lately it's been hard for me o wrap my mind around that fact that I am a grown up. We all have these moments I've been told. Everything around me is changing slowly, and I'm learning how to deal with it all day by day. My life time goal is to be the best Interior Designer I can be. To inspire others through great design, and I know I'm capable .I'm learning that with hard work comes success but also heart-ache. Your friends and inner circle slowly change, Your Love life (if any) goes through unexpected ups and downs, your faith Will be tested. In my world I'm juggling all three, but the one thing that I will not waiver from is my Faith in the Lord. Sometimes you just need to vent to clear you mind and get your day started. So I'm starting my day off by telling myself "Hey My I believe in you, and with the help of the Lord the World will one day see your vision". This is just a small piece of me.


Happy Valentines Day.......

Happy Valentines Day all. Take some time to spread some Love around.

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Designer Spot Light.....Elaine Griffin

It's still Black History month and I am spot lighting another African American Interior Designer today. Today I would like to Spot light  Elaine Griffin. A Harlem based Interior designer and author of "Design Rule", she rules. A Yale educated native of Georgia she studied postgraduate at New York school of Interior Design. After working as a publicists in New York and Paris for nine years she switched gears and began her career in Interior Design at the office of architectural behemoth Peter. She is ranked as one of House Beautiful's top 100 American Designer. She has also appeared on design segments everywhere from the Today show to ABC's family bachelor pad, she even designed the Good Works Makeover for Oprah's O at Home. With all this work and experience under her belt she opened her own firm in 1999. I ran across a blog entry that Elaine wrote for Home Goods and became an instant fan. I'm dying to get my hands on her book design rules for a few pointers that you would never learn in school. In my eyes she is one of the best designers I have ran across. I'm really intrigued by the colors and textures she uses in her design pallets. Simply Beautiful.

Images courtesy of :Elaine Griffin


Valentines Day Fun......

Heart Candles and Message in a Bottle

Chocolate Wrapper with a Love Note

 Heart-Felt Bag

Cockscomb Valentine Wreath

Conversation Piece

I have to be honest and say that I'm not a big fan of Valentines Day. As a kid I loved it because you got to exchange cool cards with your friends at school, and maybe even get a balloon and teddy bear from one of the cute guys on campus. As I got older the hype kind of faded, when I became single the hype was just flat out gone. Maybe one day someone will revamp the joys of Valentines day for me. As for now I use it as a time to craft fun thing for the kids in my sons class. This weekend is your last chance to grab or craft up those last minute Valentines Day gifts. Over at Martha there are tons and I mean tons for great gift ideas to choose from. Martha pretty much has you covered for Valentines Day from A to Z. I actually saw a few dinner recipes that I would like to try. If you can't decide what to get that special someone, or just maybe a friend or family member Martha has plenty to choose from.

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For You Shy Guys.....

A lot of people feel a little intimidated by color when it comes to decorating ,so they shy away from it. Well lucky for them Neutral colors are trending this year big time. Not that they have or every will go out of style, but they've gotten a nice make over. The easiest way to achieve a calm and sophisticated look is to use a neutral colors scheme . They tend to make a space feel clean and minimal. What are neutral colors exactly, well the consist of white, beige, taupe, and natural fibers. On the darker side of the family you can also go with different shades of brown, rust, and blacks. Neutral colors are great for mixing it up when you add in some texture. Every room in your home does not have to scream out I love color "like mines". If you are one of those cool, laid back, take a load off kind of people you can still achieve great design with minimal color. Here I give you a few great examples of just that.

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Designer Spot Light.....

It's Black History Month and I want to take some time out every Friday this month to spot light an African American Interior Designer that I follow for inspiration. Today I would like to introduce you to Kim Myles of HGTV's "Myles of Style". I first learned about Kim while watching HGTV's "Design Star" as she was a contestant on the show. She went on to win the contest and become the first black women to earn her own show on the network. I was so excited for her when she won. I could not have been in the studio when they called out her name. I'm pretty sure I would have been politely escorted out for over excitement. So the back story on Kim is what really inspires me and keeps me motivated on my path to great design. As an adult she moved to New York city where she became a hairdresser and makeup artist. Her career took off and she decided to explore another passion of hers which was interior design. With no formal training she used her cities surroundings as inspiration  in her design style, which she would describe as "global urban elegance". You can catch Kim over at giving out the best design tips on their Life, Style, and Design segment. 

Images courtesy of :Kim


For the Wine Lovers, aka ME!

Im in the crafting mood today. While online looking at some very cute craft projects I ran across this one over at Under the Table and dreaming. How freaking (and I stress that's not the word I really want to use but it'll do for now) cute is this wine bag! If I have not said it enough I am a self proclaimed Wine-o and this adorable keepsake is right up my ally. I plan on making plenty of these little bags as gifts to give when I visit family and friends, because I always bring the wine (Don't judge me). Anyway if you are feeling a little crafty yourself there is a short tutorial on how to make them, just click the link above. I think I'll make a few to match my kitchen for some extra cute decor and handy wine holders. Happy Crafting everyone.