An African Influence.......

Seeing as today is the start of Black History Month I thought I do something wild. This style of decor actually became popular around the 1890's when the British explored the Continent of Africa while on safari trails. While traveling they were impressed by many elements that now are key pieces to the style. The natural  elements, lush landscape, the big game hunts, and the unique tribal patterns were elements of design they had yet to experience. Being excellent craftsman they Incorporated natural element such as wood, bamboo, stone, leather, hide, and fur to created furniture pieces, candle stick holders, picture frames, artwork, and sculptures when they colonized in East Africa.  And a new design mixture was born. Today this style of decor is very popular and adored by those who have a love for nature and the African influence. I've always been a fan of the color scheme that ties it all together, the browns, tans, oranges, and yellows work really well together. The tribal patterns in the pictures above have definitely sparked my interest.

Images courtesy of: Home Design ZonePatterns and TexturesPassion Decor,Zimbio

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