Shopping Spree.....Deja New....

These little guys are just the cutest. They are painted snail shells. 

Oh how I love the Wine. I'm headed back on Monday to grab this baby. It has my name written all over it.

Sorry about the poor picture quality but these vases and candle holders are blue in color and just fabulous.

This is my fun find. This wicker stool was priced down to $30. Can you say SCORE. It's in the process of transformation right now.

I mean do I really have to say how dope this lamp is. For all my beach lovers.

I was out shopping this week for a master bedroom project I'm currently working on. My goal was to find a night stand, or something like it. I absolutely Love transforming the old into the new. My first thought was to drop into Ikea and grab a small nightstand that I could add my own flare too. No luck there, nothing caught my eye. While heading home I remembered there is a Great and I mean Great consignment shop by my house called "Deja New". I just adore that name. Any-who this place never lets me down. They always seem to have exactly what I am looking for, or something that will make me modify my whole design scheme because I have to have a certain piece. I don't know about you but I can't pass up a good deal. While browsing around the store I snapped a few shots of some great finds. So if your ever in the Torrance/Lomita area looking for a few really good quality Vintage items, or maybe you have items that you have no use for and want to sale them stop by give Sharron a hollah. She said I didn't have to mention her name but she was so nice why not. =)

Deja New
2257 Pacific Coast Hwy
Lomita Ca 90717
(310) 530- 9747

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