A Piece of Me!!!!!!!!!!!

This is me! Smiling because I'm blessed to see another day. My family is in good spirits and my life is moving in a direction that feels right on so many levels. With that said, let me just say all that glitters Ain't Gold! Just a little background on what I go through and How I deal. I am a single mother of a four year old little boy. He keeps me going, no lie. Every move I make in my life he is the first thought that pops in my head. How will it effect him, is this move beneficial to his well-being, will I look back on it and regret it? Without my faith in God, and the overwhelming love I feel as a mother I'm not sure if I would have the energy to keep moving forward. Lately it's been hard for me o wrap my mind around that fact that I am a grown up. We all have these moments I've been told. Everything around me is changing slowly, and I'm learning how to deal with it all day by day. My life time goal is to be the best Interior Designer I can be. To inspire others through great design, and I know I'm capable .I'm learning that with hard work comes success but also heart-ache. Your friends and inner circle slowly change, Your Love life (if any) goes through unexpected ups and downs, your faith Will be tested. In my world I'm juggling all three, but the one thing that I will not waiver from is my Faith in the Lord. Sometimes you just need to vent to clear you mind and get your day started. So I'm starting my day off by telling myself "Hey My I believe in you, and with the help of the Lord the World will one day see your vision". This is just a small piece of me.

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