Mission Accomplished.....

Hey all, hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. My Holiday was just perfect on account that I finished my son's desk in just enough time for it to dry and set it up before he woke up on Christmas morning. I took a chance a decided to build a small desk instead of buying one, and it was a total score. I'm very happy with the finish product. Disney Cars is the theme of my sons room and I found these cool decals at home depot that were perfect for this project. I covered the desk top with black board paint for some added fun. I've been wanting to use the black board paint for some time now, due to the fact that my son likes to write on any and every thing. To all my readers that are parents I keep a Mr. Clean sponge on hand at all times, that sponge really does work miracles. Over all this project was a great success, my goal was to create a space for my son to work, play and learn. Mission Accomplished.  


Sneak Peek....

I'm making this desk for my son as one of this Christmas gifts. He loves all things Super Hero right now so I'm a little torn as to what color to paint it. Do I freehand, do I stencil something cool on it, or should I just cover the whole thing in chalk paint and let him create his own masterpiece? The world seems to be his canvas,or should I say my house seems to be his canvas. I have a few more days to figure out what the end result will look like and my wheels are turning. The theme is his bedroom is Disney's Cars, so for now I'm headed over to my local auto body paint shop to get some ideas stay tuned.


Christmas Crafts....

If you love crafts as much as I do, you are going to love the new projects they have over at Styrofoam Brand Crafts. I posted a project I completed from their site a week or so ago, click her to view Styrofoam Crafts. I visited the site today and can't seem to choose from all of the fun crafts they have over there using everything from Styrofoam to drinking straws. Fun, Fun, Fun. They even have crafts that you can do with your kids, that's if you can get them to sit down long enough. The shovel craft is my favorite, which means I'm on my way to the local craft store for the supplies. Happy Crafting all.


Closet Wars....

I am at war with my closet. It seems to be the only space in my house that I have not touched, and it shows. God forbid I have the perfect outfit in mind and have to go through the battle zone to find it. I'm thinking about mosing on over to  The Container Store to see if I can put a stop the the war between my closet, and things, and myself. To be honest with you all, it's really the shoes. What is it with us women and shoes? We have way too many and would not dare give them up. That's my challenge now, the shoes are taking up 50 percent of my closet space. It just hurts my heart to see them go, not my beautiful shoes. Maybe I can find a solution that will allow me to hang on to my shoes as well as turn my closet into a functional space. I shall keep you all updated on my new closet and on what finds I come across to  put a stop to the madness I call a closet. If anyone has any great ideas I would love to hear from you.

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A Christmas Twist....

It's Christmas time.  You can smell the eggnog and ginger bread in the air. At least at my house you can. This Christmas we stepped out of the box a bit with our tree selection. We opted for the big white tree, with assorted blue and gold bulbs. It's a huge change from the green tree with the multi-colored bulbs that we are use to. I walked pass the tree this morning and I had to do a double take, it was a breath  taking moment for me. The tree was just beautiful, we had accomplished our own twist on a Christmas tradition. The Christmas trees above have their own unique and special twist on what we would consider the norm for Christmas trees, and I adore the ideas and creativity behind them all.

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Pillow Talk...

I was over at 1156 Pillow today and I just had to share a few of the awesome pillows they have over there. 1156 pillow is a boutique company specializing in handmade custom pillows inspired by the world of fashion. These fabrics have been selected from the finest fabric house, and they are absolutely gorgeous. 

I Love Craft Fair Fun....

Let me start by saying Whew, my Internet is back up. I had plenty of time on my hands last week due to my Internet connection being down. I used all of my free time wisely with a fun new craft toy that I got call the Big Kick. It cuts out shapes and pattens perfectly. Love, love, love it. I got a chance to work a craft fair in Los Angeles this past Saturday where I sold these cute and fun felt flower. Loves me some felt. I really enjoyed the fair and thank you to all that came out to support me. These pretty little flowers are going to make great Christmas gifts. I still have a few for sale if you would like to purchase a few feel free to email me and put in an order. I had so much fun at the fair I'm working on a new line of pillows that will be embellished with these felt flowers for the next fair coming up. Happy Crafting everyone.


Styrofoam Crafts....

My own Masterpiece.

Who knew Styrofoam could look so good. I found this website in one of the 100 decorating ideas magazines and I just fell in love with all of the wonderful thing they've created out of Styrofoam. This happened to be one of my favorite and they give you step by step instructions on how to create their masterpieces. What so you think of my version of it. I switched it up just a little bit. I think it can out super cute overall. Click the link below to find more great ideas.

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Children's Work Space.....

So I've been thinking. It's time for my four year old son to move out of my work space and into his own. This Christmas I want to surprise him with a work space set up just for him. I took to the internet for some inspiration and came across a few work spaces for children that got my heart racing. I love to work with my hand so I'll be building everything myself. I can't wait to get started on this small project. I just have to devise a plan to keep him at bay as to what mommy is up to in the garage. Seek peeks coming soon.

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Recap.... Best Birthday Week Ever!

Just to recap, last week was a crazy week for me. I decided at the last minute that I was going to give myself a small get together for my family and close friends to celebrate my 30th birthday. Yes I tuned thirty and it feels Good. It's been pretty cold lately, winter finally decided to come in southern California. So Hot Chocolate with all the fixing was on the menu. The party was great plenty of friend, family, and laughs, such a Good time. Thanksgiving was the next day which gave me a chance to relax and unwind from the night before. This pass Friday I celebrated my birthday, and what a great birthday it was. I went to Vegas and had a wonderful weekend. It's Vegas so you know the rules what happens there stays there. I want to send many thanks to all the people in my life that made my week wonderful. As I look back on it now I'm going to deem it as the best weekend of 2010 for me. Thanks everyone, especially my mother who took the time to make all the delicious treats that are pictured above. 



I am in desperate need of a vacation. My daydreams are beginning to become more and more vivid as the work days seem to pass me bye. Boy what I wouldn't give to be working from a Hotel room on the beach some where. Any beach will do, as long as the weather is nice and the room service is awesome. Wishful thinking i guess, it gets me through the day.

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Big Style for a Small Kitchen...

There is something about a bright, vibrant kitchen that gets my blood flowing. I wouldn't say that I love to cook, but I do enjoy it from time to time. It's definitely an easier task when you have a beautiful kitchen to cook in. If you have a small kitchen you don't have to scale back on style due to lack of space. Start by choosing the color or theme that you want to incorporate in your kitchen. Keep in mind that brighter colors make the room appear to be larger. If you choose to use darker colors try using them in a monochromatic scheme, this will keep the space from feeling cramped. Clutter is a No-No when decorating in a small space, it just doesn't work. When purchasing your furniture pieces be sure to keep them in the small to medium range. If the pieces are too big the function of the space changes, that's where that cramped feeling comes into play. Shelves and baskets are great ways to store your kitchen goods. They can also play into your decor theme and cut down on the clutter. Don't be intimidated by small kitchens after all the kitchen is the heart of the home, so give yours some tender-loving-care. 

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