I Love Craft Fair Fun....

Let me start by saying Whew, my Internet is back up. I had plenty of time on my hands last week due to my Internet connection being down. I used all of my free time wisely with a fun new craft toy that I got call the Big Kick. It cuts out shapes and pattens perfectly. Love, love, love it. I got a chance to work a craft fair in Los Angeles this past Saturday where I sold these cute and fun felt flower. Loves me some felt. I really enjoyed the fair and thank you to all that came out to support me. These pretty little flowers are going to make great Christmas gifts. I still have a few for sale if you would like to purchase a few feel free to email me and put in an order. I had so much fun at the fair I'm working on a new line of pillows that will be embellished with these felt flowers for the next fair coming up. Happy Crafting everyone.

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