Mission Accomplished.....

Hey all, hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. My Holiday was just perfect on account that I finished my son's desk in just enough time for it to dry and set it up before he woke up on Christmas morning. I took a chance a decided to build a small desk instead of buying one, and it was a total score. I'm very happy with the finish product. Disney Cars is the theme of my sons room and I found these cool decals at home depot that were perfect for this project. I covered the desk top with black board paint for some added fun. I've been wanting to use the black board paint for some time now, due to the fact that my son likes to write on any and every thing. To all my readers that are parents I keep a Mr. Clean sponge on hand at all times, that sponge really does work miracles. Over all this project was a great success, my goal was to create a space for my son to work, play and learn. Mission Accomplished.  

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