Closet Wars....

I am at war with my closet. It seems to be the only space in my house that I have not touched, and it shows. God forbid I have the perfect outfit in mind and have to go through the battle zone to find it. I'm thinking about mosing on over to  The Container Store to see if I can put a stop the the war between my closet, and things, and myself. To be honest with you all, it's really the shoes. What is it with us women and shoes? We have way too many and would not dare give them up. That's my challenge now, the shoes are taking up 50 percent of my closet space. It just hurts my heart to see them go, not my beautiful shoes. Maybe I can find a solution that will allow me to hang on to my shoes as well as turn my closet into a functional space. I shall keep you all updated on my new closet and on what finds I come across to  put a stop to the madness I call a closet. If anyone has any great ideas I would love to hear from you.

Imagaes Courtesy of: Better Homes and GardensApartment TherapyLonny Magazine,

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