Spring Colors Vol 3..... Yellow, the Crate & Barrel way!

I have no idea why people call it mellow yellow. There is nothing mellow about these great pieces that I found at Crate & Barrel. Yellow is my absolute favorite color to work with. The color yellow symbolizes happiness, optimism, and boldness. In other words that color yellow makes a Strong statement now matter how it's used. Do you ever feel just a bit more chipper when your wearing the color yellow?I know I do, only cause I know it goes well with my skin tone. Some say Yellow lovers are very laid back people. They tend to go with the flow of things. Yellow lovers are also known to be happier people. Maybe they just see the brighter side of life. Okay that was be trying to be funny. Anyway the pieces that choose to showcase today can work in your favor inside as well as outside the home. I was thinking about spicing up my patio a bit. This combination make me want to sit outside with a some Guacamole and chips along with an ice cold capriana just basking in the glow. I can just see it now, Spring Time Bliss.

Images Courtesy of: Crate & Barrel


Spring Colors Vol 2.... Spring Green

Whether it's Lime, Celery, Kelly, or sage green is the color of spring. With so many shades to work with it's kind of hard to drift off into the wrong direction with a Spring Green. Thought I'd give you a few splashes of green to show you how well it works as a spring time look. The fun thing about spring decor is every thing doesn't have to be so matchy-matchy. Play with colors, textures, patterns, and sizes to put together a space that's filled with spring joy. Think outside the box while still staying true to your own design style. Maybe you would have never in your wildest dreams matched a lime green with a navy blue. Well try it, it just might work. And for all you out there that love to play it safe. Think pop color. Maybe you just need a splash of green here and there in the space. Nothing too overwhelming, try accessorizing with a few pieces that will stand out against neutral colors.

Images Courtesy of:Decor 4 All.Design Decor, and StagingHome Interior Design PropertyHouse Beautiful


Spring Colors Vol 1.... Orange Addition

Spring time happens to be one of my favorite times of the year. The weather begins to change and prepare us for the warm summer, and the decor colors seem to get brighter and brighter. If there's one thing I love about spring it's the bright colors you can bring into your home to spice it up a bit. Orange happens to be one of my all time favorite colors. It looks good on just about anything, and can also be incorporated into you fall decor as well. You can mix and match orange with other bright spring colors, or keep it simple and use it as a pop color against a neutral color pallet. In my opinion orange is one of the few colors that works well with just about any color you match it with. So if your well on your way into your spring decorating try a few splashes of orange and give your space a vibrant lift.

Images Courtesy of : Better Homes and Gardens

I WANT. Vol 1..... Bad Ass Shoes!!!!!!!!

Some women consider themselves "Shoe Fanatics", I'm not one of those women. But I do enjoy a Bad Ass shoe. This right here is what I would consider a Bad Ass Shoe. Whew, This  Swarovski Christin Louboutin Daffodile platform heel is just amazing to look at. And I'm guessing they would look even more amazing on my feet. Anyway this is just me and my wishful thinking.

Image courtesy of : Necole Bitchie

Sneak Peak..... Anything For You Mommy

Hey all it's been a couple of weeks since I last blogged, and for good reason. I started on a project that is very near and dear to my heart. I've started the makeover for my mothers room. This is such a tough one, because it's my mom. I want everything to be perfect, which means I need to do it myself. I am very big on DIY and I'm having fun doing it. It may take me close to forever to finish up, but it's okay because it's for my mommy. Yes I do still call her Mommy =). So just a sneak peek of where I'm going with this project.
Can't give away too much but it seems to be coming together very well. This was the easy part of it all. She needed a new work space, and my mom don't tell her I told you seems to like a little clutter in her life. So I did her a favor and revamped her work space. I figure if I showed her what less is more looks like she just might roll with it. Stay tuned for the final reveal.