Spring Colors Vol 3..... Yellow, the Crate & Barrel way!

I have no idea why people call it mellow yellow. There is nothing mellow about these great pieces that I found at Crate & Barrel. Yellow is my absolute favorite color to work with. The color yellow symbolizes happiness, optimism, and boldness. In other words that color yellow makes a Strong statement now matter how it's used. Do you ever feel just a bit more chipper when your wearing the color yellow?I know I do, only cause I know it goes well with my skin tone. Some say Yellow lovers are very laid back people. They tend to go with the flow of things. Yellow lovers are also known to be happier people. Maybe they just see the brighter side of life. Okay that was be trying to be funny. Anyway the pieces that choose to showcase today can work in your favor inside as well as outside the home. I was thinking about spicing up my patio a bit. This combination make me want to sit outside with a some Guacamole and chips along with an ice cold capriana just basking in the glow. I can just see it now, Spring Time Bliss.

Images Courtesy of: Crate & Barrel

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