Spring Colors Vol 2.... Spring Green

Whether it's Lime, Celery, Kelly, or sage green is the color of spring. With so many shades to work with it's kind of hard to drift off into the wrong direction with a Spring Green. Thought I'd give you a few splashes of green to show you how well it works as a spring time look. The fun thing about spring decor is every thing doesn't have to be so matchy-matchy. Play with colors, textures, patterns, and sizes to put together a space that's filled with spring joy. Think outside the box while still staying true to your own design style. Maybe you would have never in your wildest dreams matched a lime green with a navy blue. Well try it, it just might work. And for all you out there that love to play it safe. Think pop color. Maybe you just need a splash of green here and there in the space. Nothing too overwhelming, try accessorizing with a few pieces that will stand out against neutral colors.

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