Big Style for a Small Kitchen...

There is something about a bright, vibrant kitchen that gets my blood flowing. I wouldn't say that I love to cook, but I do enjoy it from time to time. It's definitely an easier task when you have a beautiful kitchen to cook in. If you have a small kitchen you don't have to scale back on style due to lack of space. Start by choosing the color or theme that you want to incorporate in your kitchen. Keep in mind that brighter colors make the room appear to be larger. If you choose to use darker colors try using them in a monochromatic scheme, this will keep the space from feeling cramped. Clutter is a No-No when decorating in a small space, it just doesn't work. When purchasing your furniture pieces be sure to keep them in the small to medium range. If the pieces are too big the function of the space changes, that's where that cramped feeling comes into play. Shelves and baskets are great ways to store your kitchen goods. They can also play into your decor theme and cut down on the clutter. Don't be intimidated by small kitchens after all the kitchen is the heart of the home, so give yours some tender-loving-care. 

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