Recap.... Best Birthday Week Ever!

Just to recap, last week was a crazy week for me. I decided at the last minute that I was going to give myself a small get together for my family and close friends to celebrate my 30th birthday. Yes I tuned thirty and it feels Good. It's been pretty cold lately, winter finally decided to come in southern California. So Hot Chocolate with all the fixing was on the menu. The party was great plenty of friend, family, and laughs, such a Good time. Thanksgiving was the next day which gave me a chance to relax and unwind from the night before. This pass Friday I celebrated my birthday, and what a great birthday it was. I went to Vegas and had a wonderful weekend. It's Vegas so you know the rules what happens there stays there. I want to send many thanks to all the people in my life that made my week wonderful. As I look back on it now I'm going to deem it as the best weekend of 2010 for me. Thanks everyone, especially my mother who took the time to make all the delicious treats that are pictured above. 

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