Felt Flowers....

 I'm going to go out on a limb and say you can do just about anything with felt. Well maybe not anything, but felt has endless possibilities. Today I'm going to do a quick tutorial on how to make felt flowers. If you like it, try it out on your own. They make great gifts or just haves for yourself. Ready Set Craft.

Materials needed for this project: Pen, Paper,  Felt, Scissors, glue, button

Cut out a 1" petal to use as a template when cutting your felt

For this flower you will need 10 petals. Five 1" petals and five smaller petals, cut just under an inch.

 Once your petals are cut out glue the bottom of the petals together for a gathered effect. To do this just take a dab of glue and pinch the bottom of the petal together to achieve this look.

Next you will need to cut out a small piece of felt in the shape of  circle to glue the petals onto.

Start with the lager petals and glue them to the felt circle.

Glue the smaller petals right on top of the larger ones.

Lastly add a button in the middle to finish it off. 

And here you have my little cute felt flower.

Here are some felt roses I did. Love to way the look.

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