For You Shy Guys.....

A lot of people feel a little intimidated by color when it comes to decorating ,so they shy away from it. Well lucky for them Neutral colors are trending this year big time. Not that they have or every will go out of style, but they've gotten a nice make over. The easiest way to achieve a calm and sophisticated look is to use a neutral colors scheme . They tend to make a space feel clean and minimal. What are neutral colors exactly, well the consist of white, beige, taupe, and natural fibers. On the darker side of the family you can also go with different shades of brown, rust, and blacks. Neutral colors are great for mixing it up when you add in some texture. Every room in your home does not have to scream out I love color "like mines". If you are one of those cool, laid back, take a load off kind of people you can still achieve great design with minimal color. Here I give you a few great examples of just that.

Images courtesy of : AmdiviaModizeNikenOn Home DesignGullu.

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