Beautiful Black Skin.....

Beautiful Black Skin. There are so many misconceptions out there about black women. It saddens me at times, but I know the truth is we are all not the same. I went browsing the net this morning looking for art work for myself when I came across Soul-Sista. I must say I Love every thing about is painting. She's rocking the big head-phones, probably listening to some old school R&B. The curly Afro seems tight with the head band to spice it up a bit. The tattoo artwork on her back let's me know she's among my generation (because we all seem to be tatted now a days). Her sweater hanging slightly off her shoulders adds that sassy-ness that we all seem to know and love =). Oh, the beautiful glow of her skin against the yellow background is just perfect. The images that we see in the media of Black women are sometimes just down right crazy. I wish I could send out a memo to the world that states "They are Characters on T.V. Not the real thing". Each one of these painting above reminds me of a women I know or knew once in my life time. If you had to choose, which black girl do you think is your perfect fit. Me personally I see a little bit of Myisha in each and every one of them. Black Girls Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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