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It's Black History Month and I want to take some time out every Friday this month to spot light an African American Interior Designer that I follow for inspiration. Today I would like to introduce you to Kim Myles of HGTV's "Myles of Style". I first learned about Kim while watching HGTV's "Design Star" as she was a contestant on the show. She went on to win the contest and become the first black women to earn her own show on the network. I was so excited for her when she won. I could not have been in the studio when they called out her name. I'm pretty sure I would have been politely escorted out for over excitement. So the back story on Kim is what really inspires me and keeps me motivated on my path to great design. As an adult she moved to New York city where she became a hairdresser and makeup artist. Her career took off and she decided to explore another passion of hers which was interior design. With no formal training she used her cities surroundings as inspiration  in her design style, which she would describe as "global urban elegance". You can catch Kim over at giving out the best design tips on their Life, Style, and Design segment. 

Images courtesy of :Kim

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