Everyone Loves Legos.....

Lego Wall Hangings

 Lego Dining Table

 Lego House ( Demolition Phase) 

Lego Kitchen Counter

Lego CEO Desk

Lego Storage Boxes

I was always the kid that went the safe route when it came time to play with the Lego's. Only because I was never a Lego architect, never could really do anything elaborate or over the top with them. Always simple, always plain. I was actually quite envious of the kids that could make just about anything with Lego's. Now a days you can find just about any and everything in your wildest dreams made from Lego's. Home decor has caught on to the Lego trend. Writer James May constructed an entire Lego house along with about 1000 helpers. Lego lovers from around the world are bringing the trend into their homes with Lego constructed furniture and Lego inspired accessories. Just makes you want to put something together. 

Images Courtesy of: A GreenLivingCube MeReyu DesignParehe

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