My Designs Custom Made Benches....

I have been on pins and needles waiting to show you all these benches that I custom made for the seating area over at Folliclez 360 Salon. We started on this project a few months back and we have now achieved a look that is not only appealing to the eyes,  but also comfortable and inviting. This was a project I had to but my back into. No literally, I started out with a few 2x4's and a sheet of plywood (hence the back breaking work). Using the 2x4's I made a 5ft x16in frame, topped it with a few pieces of plywood cut to size, some foam, batting and covered it in this beautiful fabric. Sounds so simple when you spell it all out, but it was a lot of hard work that I am now patting myself on the back for. I could not be happier with the way the benches turned out. I can sleep easier knowing that I have another happy client in the bag. Leave a comment, I would Love to hear your thoughts. You can also contact me directly @ for custom design services. 

Here's a picture of the frame built using 2x4's and 1" thick plywood.

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