My four year old son, whose just adorable when he needs to be put the biggest smile on my face last week. He comes home from school all excited about this painting he made for me. When I looked at it, I was so impressed with the watercolor painting I had to frame it. It got my wheels turning about these watercolor inspired pillows I saw over on CB2's site. Then I started fishing around the net because with the summer time approaching fast I wonder if I could find a dining set with the same watercolor inspired theme for those outdoor bbq's we all know and love. And what better way to impress your guest than with fancy colored dished. I found the two above over at West Elm that I'm really digging, now I just have to choose between the two. I'm really loving the watercolor theme that's buzzing around right now, but not as much as I'm loving the watercolor painting that was made just for me.  

Images courtesy of: West ElmCB2

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