A Perfect Picnic

It's officially Summer time and I'm excited about all the BBQ's, Cook outs, and Picnics I will be attending this summer. Planning a picnic can become overwhelming in what seems like the blink of an eye. I have a few tips here to help you plan the perfect picnic with little to no fuss. First on your picnic to-do list is Location. Find a spot to host your picnic, which can pretty much be anywhere from a beach, park, rooftop, or even your very own lawn. Once you've chosen a location the next thing you want to check off your list is a menu. What do you want to serve and how many people will be attending. If your planning a small intimate picnic try to stick to bread, a few different cheeses, and throw in some fruit and drinks. If your planning a picnic on a larger scale go all out, burgers, hot dogs, you know the works. Keep in mind that its a picnic not a formal dinner, No Fancy-Schmancy foods that are just going to stress you out during the preparation process. Setting a tone is a key part of having a perfect picnic. Is the picnic for a holiday, is it a family celebration, or are you planning a nice romantic picnic for you and a special someone. Whatever the case my be set the mood for it. Over at Martha Stewart there are tons of how-to tutorials if you want to create your own decorations to set the mood and make your picnic feel a little more personal than just the regular store bought decorations. Last on your list is to just Have Fun. Don't go through all the hard work of planning a perfect picnic and not enjoy it in the end. 

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