Be Bold with Color......

Have you ever walked into a room and the entire room seemed bland and boring. Those old outdated white walls and the late 80's style furniture. The person that invited you over wants to give you a tour of the entire house and your body just cringes as  you walk through it. Or is it just me? Color can be your friend and revitalize your home. If you want to change the feel and the mood of a room the right color can do the trick. Colors can also make a room appear larger or smaller based on the color that is chosen.  The easiest way to choose a color that is right for your space is to use a color wheel. A color wheel is the best  way to visualize how hues relate to each other. You can draw color inspiration from just about everything in your everyday life. Your favorite vacation spot, your favorite coffee shop, magazines, books, etc, the options are limitless. 

Images courtesy of: Domino Magazine.

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