Camp Snoop

Camp Snoopy was inspired by my love of the peanut gang.  While pregnant with my son I felt this was the perfect time to let my inner child shine through. Somehow early on in my pregnancy I knew in my heart of all hearts that I would have a very active, and rambunctious little boy on my hands. I wanted to design a room that would act as a nursery as well as a toddle room. I choose a bed that would convert into a full size bed, which would allow me to keep the furniture for as long as I possible could. The dressers in the room allowed for a changing table that could later be used to place a television along with smaller nick-knacks. This adorable bedding that I found for the crib with Snoopy and Woodstock engaging in sports inspired the over-all decor in the room. A few pictures of the peanut gang hanging on the walls and my own little camp snoopy was finally complete.

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