The Fanny Pack Is Back....

Does anybody remember when fanny packs were the must have accessory back in the day. We thought we were the coolest kids on the block due to a small little pouch that strapped around our waist. We would carry virtually everything in the house in that fanny pack and didn't need at least 90% of it. Then the day you saw your grandparents in matching ones headed to the family picnic was the day the fanny pack died. At least that's how it all went down for me. Well the Fanny Pack has reemerged with new life and I'm loving the new style and playfulness of the revamped fanny pack. Now if you know me, you know I am in the process of making one of my very own. These new fanny packs have inspired a new look for my morning hikes.

Images Couresty of:Bride Blu4.bp.blogspotPaper and StitchSewing.Craft

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  1. Luv it! Let me know when you start making them.