What a Difference a Pouf Makes.....

When I say what a difference a Pouf makes, that's just what I mean. I absolutely love these things. They are cute, stylish , and comfy for that matter. I've been seeing these pouf's around for some time now and have always admired them from a far. Well I'm just about ready to attempt to make my own just for the heck of it. Poufs are great for extra seating or just for a few pops of color around the room. They are very useful in kid spaces as well. Think of them as a new and improved bean bag. The Moroccan style seems to be my favorite. Although I wish I knew how to knit, the knitted ones are just adorable. Play with side and patterns to give some dimension to the space. You can find a pouf that suits your style and need, as the come in plenty of sizes and shapes.

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