When I Grow Up......

As a kid I remember being asked what was it that I would like to be when I grow up. Back then we would always choose the obvious, lawyer, doctor, teacher. What ever we thought would impress our parents, grandparents, teachers, or whoever was asking the question. I've known for a while now what it is that I wanted to be in life but It wasn't until I found her that I truly knew what my calling was. When I say her I'm referring to Amy Butler. Amy Butler is an artist and design who has a piece of my heart. Not sure if she knows that or not but yep, she does. Her line of product include fabrics, that can be used for home as well as fashion. Great craft and sewing projects, and freebies. Who does not love a damn freebie! I live in a home with two seamstress and I was determined to learn how to sew. And when I got the hang of it, you could not tell me a damn thing. I was on a roll and making any and everything my eyes took a peek at and my heart loved. Once I discovered Amy Butler's website my light bulb went off. I'm so inspired when I see a great print or fabric piece my mind goes into a place where I can see how many wonderful ways it can be used. Then it hit me. Amy's not boxing her self into just one aspect of design. She See's, she creates, she's inspired to make thing that her heart feels, beautiful creations that she shares with the world. And for that I just have to say Thank You Mrs. Butler for opening my eyes and heart to a whole new world of design. Be inspired to create what your heart loves. For more inspirations from Amy check out her website Amy Butler Design. I plan to try out some of the great freebies she has available and share them with you all. Let's be inspired together.

All Images Courtesy of : Amy Butler Design

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