Closet Saver..... Shoe Bags Edition.

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, let me introduce you to the best thing that has happened to my closet. Hello shoe bags, how are you and why did it take me so long to bring you into my world. This shoe bag is my take on a shoe organizational tip my mom gave me a long time ago. As a kid my mother made me organize her shoes every weekend in the summer to earn money for back to school shopping. I truly thank her, in the end it instilled a sense of responsibility in me I would not appreciate until later on in life. But any way my mom had these clear shoe boxes that had a Polaroid picture of the shoes that were to go into that box on the exterior. Seemingly making my job a bit easier, but she had what felt like close to a million pairs of shoes. I decided to make these bags for myself with the thought of my mom's old closet in the back of my head. BEST thing that's happen to my closet thus far. These bags are available for purchase, they are custom make to size and customer style. Shoot me a quick email at for more details or if your in the area this weekend stop bye the Home Fabrics & Rugs craft fair in Torrance where I will also have them for sale. 

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