Duct Tape It....

 Back in the day you would not be caught with duct tape on your furniture. That drab silver duct tape that just made every thing look like it came out of a mechanic shop. So not cool, as my son would say. Well duct tape has recently got a makeover and now comes in plenty of cool shades, patterns, shapes, and sizes. There are tons of great things you can do with a roll of duct tape. It's a perfect quick fix for old worn down furniture that you just can't get rid of. Update a coffee table or a side table with a few rolls of duct tape. You can cover just about anything with this stuff. Chairs, tables, picture frames, even create your own wall art. The possibilities are endless with the new look and style of Duct Tape.

Images Courtesy of: BaeditionsCreative Jewish MomDuct Tape GeniusKrissiakeckSomeday CraftsThink Crafts, NyTimesThe Big Ass Book of Crafts, Mark Montano (2008)

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