Creative Thinking.... The New Bookcase!

There are plenty of things in this world I wish I would have thought of first and these takes on bookcases happens to be one of them. I just love a creative thinker. Someone that thinks outside the box, goes against all things that we would consider normal. My mother is a book lover, I would not say she has a passion for reading because she owns more books on tape than actual books, but she does love to have a book laying around here and there, maybe everywhere. While recently trying to figure out a way to display her books and cut down on some of the clutter all at the same time I ran across these creative furniture pieces that just blew my mind. This new take on the bookcase is one I'm falling in love with. If you have a passion for reading and good design I just can't imagine you not being in love with one of these pieces. And the clock in the last photo is just down right Bananas. LOVE IT!

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