DIY Fun..... Hang it Up...

I decided to down size the furniture in sons room to make more room for a very rambunctious little boy. The bigger he got, the more useless the dresser with the changing table became. While taking the dresser apart to move it out of the room I thought to myself, these dresser drawers can be used for something fun. I decided to use them as coat racks. I never seem to have anywhere to hang my coat or purse for that matter when I walk in the door. These dresser drawers would be perfect for that task. With a few coats of  paint and some mounting tape I had an instant coat rack. This was so simple and so easy I was a little upset with myself that I had not done it sooner. 


Added a cute little bench I had in the garage that I refurbished. A few hand sewn pillows for some flare.

And then My things

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