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I love to bring new life to items that others may see as dead. I am currently redecorating my bed room and needed a new chair for my desk. While on a search for the perfect chair I came across this one at my local Good Will store for $5.00. At $5.00 this chair was a must have. I immediately got to work on transforming this chair into an eye catching piece. I started by stripping the finish off the chair with a stripping gel. This process takes a little time and a lot of elbow grease. When I was done striping the chair I sanded it down really well to get rid of any imperfection. I then used two coats of white paint and a clear finish, which gave the chair a crisp look. To recover the seat cushion I used a fabric that I've been wanting  to use for a while now. I was waiting for the right project, didn't want to waist good fabric. This project took longer then i expected but it was well worth it. In the end I am very pleased with the final results.

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