Hot Tottie.... Birthday Bash

Hot Chocolate on a cold winter night.

Table decor, simple but elegant.

All the Fixings

Mixing spoons

Chocolate Champagne desert cups

Chocolate cover spoons

And Baileys, Ahhhhhh

 I am a winter baby, my birthday is in November right around Thanksgiving. This year I will be turning the big 3-0. In high school thirty seemed so far away, almost as if it would take a life time to get there. Well I'm finally here and I'm ready to celebrate. I never get to have a cool summer luau, beach party, or even a lovely spring brunch to celebrate my big day. It's okay because winter is definitely my favorite time of the year, cold crisp air, a warm sweater, and all the boots i can afford to buy. The best part of winter is the Hot Chocolate, yummy. Hence the Hot Tottie, how awesome would it be to have a party themed around Hot Chocolate. Chocolate color decor, chocolate deserts, and chocolate give aways.  I can see it now, fire going, limitless hot chocolate and all the fixing. Some people like marshmallows in theirs, and some like whipped cream. I like mine with a bit of baileys for an extra kick. Sounds delicious and ultra cool all at  the same time. Let's see if I can make my chocolate dreams come true.

Images courtesy ofTwo hearts together, Bride and,, Things we heart,  Grazier Photography.

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