Go Wild.....




In my opinion animal print can never go out of style. This year animal print seems to be a big trend, and I'm loving it. There are so many patterns and styles to choose from.  There's cow, zebra, snake skin, giraffe (my favorite) alligator and so on. Animal print can be the perfect accent to any color theme. It can transform a dual living room into a fancy space, or bring sexy back into the bed room. How ever you choose to use it, it's almost impossible to go wrong with it. Now I did say almost impossible. To much in one space can be down right scary. While roaming around on the Internet today I came across these wonderful animal print pieces. Just a few of the newest animal print trends out there.

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  1. ok...I'm in love with the zebra print ottoman!!! Please lets put that on the list of things to do for my next room courtesy of MY DESIGNS.