Wallpaper Fun....

Wallpaper is not just for walls now days. Here are a few great ways that you can use wallpaper to spice up any DIY project. Monica Ewing over at Craftynest has transformed a few old pieces into new fabulous pieces using wallpaper as an accent.

Vanessa De Vargas also uses wallpaper in a really cool way. By framing the wallpaper you have an instant work of art. This is a great idea if you are low on cash but have high hopes for great artwork on the walls. 

This piece by decorator Shannon Fricke is a great way to revamp and old cabinet that you may have and are not sure what to do with. Give it a once over with a coat of white paint and go to town with really cool wallpaper patterns.

Images courtesy of Craftynest, Turquoise,and Decor8

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  1. Hey My, Just wanted to say that I've seen your work and it's awesome. Thanks for sharing your ideas!!