The Color Of Passion....

Does the color Red make you want to Shag Baby? Okay maybe it's just me! For those out there that are fans of the show "Sex in the City" I'm pulling inspiration from the episode where Big moves back to the city and paints one accent wall in his bedroom a Bold shade of Red. Deep down I think Carrie wanted to shag as soon as she saw the infamous Red Wall. The color red is known as a color of passion, love, and anger. In the Chinese culture is symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. If you want a bedroom that evokes a sense of sexiness using bold splashes of red is an easy way to achieve this. Try a few red accents around the room, some red artwork, or just be courageous and paint an entire wall Red for the full effect. I do have to warn those who have a hard time sleeping that this color is known to stimulate a faster heartbeat, and adrenaline. So use caution when decorating with it, always remember less is more. Seeing that red is a primary color its easily mixed and matched with other shades to make a dramatic statement. Feel free to express yourself, be bold, be sexy, be passionate with Red tones.

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