Crafting My Ass Off......

Can you say SCORE!!!!!!!! I got this book for Christmas and my heart just skipped a beat. " You know me so well" was all I could say before my eye's started to water. Not "THE BIG-ASS BOOK OF CRAFTS", what! I'm am so excited. Today I have a little down time so I am going to take a minute and sit down with my book and my posted notes. This book is written by TV host, designer, author, and artist Mark Montano, who is a fabulous designer in my opinion. This book literally has over 150 crafts in it, and I can't wait to dig in. Just the cover alone let's you know that this is not your average old school grandma craft book. The crafts in this book are new, refreshing, and definitely home worthy. I'm checking out of the blogosphere and checking into the crafting world. Let you know what I find.  

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