Lusting for WallPaper....

I've tried to push the thought of wallpapering a wall in my home to the back of my head for the longest time now. It just seems to keep bringing itself to the forefront of my brain. I love the feel of elegance it brings to a room. There are so many options out there, wallpaper has come such a long way from the old drab wallpaper my great-grandmother had on her walls. I love that there are so many creative ways to use wallpaper. I want to start out with framed wallpaper panels, just to get my feet wet. Ive never worked with wallpaper before so I'm going to start out with an inexpensive one. Wallpaper can range in prices so I'm off to do my research on prices and installation.

Imagaes courtesy of:Paper JewelsInk+WitPics Decor,Modern Furniture,Flickr,

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