DIY Fun..... Recycle, and Reuse.... Felt Purse

I made this little Felt purse for my mother for Valentines day. I stuffed it with all kinds of goodies from Bath and Body works. She loved it and the goodies. It was the simplest thing to make and took under an hour to do. As adults we don't tend to grow out of our clothes as fast as children do, so plenty of my sons winter sweater get recycled into something fun. This purse was made from a wool felt sweater that was way too small for him, and I just could not give it to good will the fabric was way to nice so I held onto it until it found it's purpose. Below I explain how it was made and it's all done in just a few simple steps. 

Start by making sure the sweater is clean. Washing a wool sweater helps make the fabric easy to work with.

Next you want to cut off the sleeves of the sweater.

The neck line of the sweater is the next to go. This will makes the straps of the purse. Make sure you measure evenly on both side as to how wide you would like the straps.

Most sweaters have a ribbed bottom, cut that off and it will act as the bottom of the purse. 

Cut it to fit the bottom of the sweater and pin it in place in order to be sewn together. Be sure the bag is sewn inside out. You may be thinking well DUH Myisha, but Trust me I've had to redo plenty of things due to this small mistake. 

Once you are done sewing flip the bag right side out. You should come out with something like this.

I used the left over fabric to add some flowers and embellish the bag a little it. 
Happy Crafting!

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  1. I luv it...its so crafty...I think I want to try this with my daughters...thanks My