Happy St. Patrick's Day......

St. Patrick's day is Celebrated by the Irish community around the world. In our modern day culture the day consist of, wearing of the color green(this is where the shamrock comes into play), Church services, parades, Irish food and drinks and plenty of fun for adults, children, and the Irish at heart. There are a few place around the world where you can find a Green colored rivers or lakes on this day of celebration. This religious holiday is a feast day and celebration  of the death of Saint Patrick himself. St. Patrick is one of the most recognized of the parton saints of Ireland. Okay, just a quick history lesson for those of you out there that are like me, and could not remember what you were taught in school. With that said I'm putting on my"Kiss me I think I'm Irish" button and headed out for a day of fun filled activities for me and my little one. Happy St. Patrick's day Everyone. 

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