Party Favors.....

So one weird fact about my family is Tequila is the drink of choice hands down. Today we are celebrating one on my cousin's birthdays and you can't show up to a party with out party favors. A while back I did a post on these wine bags that I found on the Internet which are extremely easy to make click here. I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. A nice gift, and party favor all in one. Besides I've been dying to make one of these to give away. I have a few of my own but it's no fun when you don't share the love. Hopefully, well I can take that back I know she'll like the bag. And LOVE the gift inside. 
Just as a quick tip if you chose to make one of these bags. I like to sew the bag together instead of using bonding tape. It helps if you want to use the bag over and over again.

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