Light it Up... Lighting Tips and Tricks.

Over the weekend a friend of mine asked me a question about lighting. Lighting can be tricky sometimes. So I thought I would give a few quick tips and tricks to help solve some lighting problems. I've run into a lot of lighting issues in my own home. For some reason when the house was built lighting was no on the top ten list of things to take care of. In order to have a good balance of light in a room you should try to illuminate at lease three corners of the room. The are three main types of lighting, ambient, task, and  accent lighting. Ambient lighting is what you would consider your general lighting source for the room. Task lighting is used to illuminate certain points in the room for a specific task. And Accent lighting is just that, a light that adds additional light to a space. It also can be used to enhance architectural elements or decorative accents. What I love the most about lighting is that you can mix and match it. A table lamp paired with a floor lamp, throw in a nice overhead light and you have a well lit room. Another tip that I picked up from the fabulous Jane Showers is eye level lighting is the best way to go. To much over head lighting makes us look bad, and we all want to look great when we walk passed a mirror in our homes. So Lamps, Lamps, Lamps, all over the place. 

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