Design Around That...... Tiger Blood

This is a painting that my father gave to my brother many moons ago. Currently it is hung in my mothers living room, which I would like to spruce up a little bit. Well the dilemma is my brother is not willing to part with the painting. With all the buzz around Charlie Sheen right now and his rant about running on "Tiger Blood" I thought why not keep it and work around it. I always knew my brother had tiger blood running through his veins. So now my wheels are turning, and the creative juices are flowing. I leaning towards an African tribal theme. It's a timeless design theme and I think it just might work. I did a post not to long ago, African Influence that really sparked an interest in tribal patterns and natural elements. This will be my first attempt at this type of design scheme, and I'm excited to see what I come up with. I will keep y'all posted though out the process. 

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