DIY Fun..... Side Table Edition

I just Love DIY Fun, don't you? I can't seem to find a night stand for my mom's bed room and it's driving me up the wall. I've run across a few good ones, but none seem to be "the one". So I think I'm just going to make one. Which works out as a win/win for me because I absolutely love watching things transform. Whether it's the old to the new, or just starting a project from scratch. It seems puts a smile on my face and brings a calm into my life. I started looking around on the web and came across these few DIY night stands or side tables that I thought were just the coolest. The first photo is simply a tray that has been glued onto a stool. So simple yet so chic. The next photo is a side table that is made of MGD, cardboard, and vinyl strips. I think this one is really fun. You can play with size and color, the possibilities are limitless. The next photo is of a side table that consist of an old directors chair, paired with a vintage suitcase. For all of you who love all things vintage ,but don't seem to have vintage money this is a great DIY project I'm sure your local good will or thrift stores will have the supplies there you need. Lastly the photo of the green side table has to be my favorite of them all. A picture frame, candle stick, some wood slats, and some paint and you have your very own hand crafted beautify chic side table.

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