So I Hear Your Coffee Table Needs Some Love....

I received an e-mail question recently about how to accessorise a round coffee table. Seems this person is at their wits end with coming up with ideas to fill a void in their living room space. I want to start with what I think is the most important thing to remember. "Less is More". I can't say it enough. Nothing bugs me more than clutter. As much as you hear size doesn't matter that's so not true. Maybe people aren't talking about coffee tables when they make that statement but it applies here as well. You don't want to put an over sized piece on your table that just won't flow. I like to go with small, medium, and large. A small candle paired with a medium size decorative bowl, and a large (but not to large) vase with some nice flowers in it will work on any table. Fresh flowers can get pretty expensive so save those for special events. Books on a coffee table are always a nice touch, doesn't matter if you read them or not just a nice touch. Don't be afraid to spice up your table with small splashes of color.  A dark room can be brought to life with a little color on the coffee table.Do you have a serving tray in the house that you don't really use? Grab it throw it on top of the coffee table with a small plant, some candles, and a few other nick-knacks for a well put together table setting. Lastly fresh fruit serves two purposes. One you can bring a sense of nature into your home, and secondly you'll be forced to eat it so it doesn't go bad. Any color apples, oranges, and lemons are eatable decor. Hope these few tips along with the images above have helped a bit with the table top dilemma. 

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