Little Miss Piggy... Take 1.

I'm meeting with a client today that apparently loves Little Miss Piggy. Um okay, if you like it I'll design around it. This is presentation board #1 Little Miss Piggy style. Because this bedroom is not for a small child or teenager for that matter I thought I'd keep it simple and clean with a color palate that only consisted of three colors, pink, black,and white. For me black and white always evokes a sense of sophistication in a space. The pink goes without saying, I mean it's Little Miss Piggy. I added a few silver pieces in the mix for extra flare. I don't know about you but when I think of Miss Piggy I think High Glam. So I wanted to give the room a glamorous feeling while keeping it simple at the same time. Less is more. One nice size photo of Miss Piggy herself over the bed is an easy way to show case the love for her favorite childhood character. Crossing my fingers on this one.

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