St. Patrick's Day is ah Coming.......

My son reminded me when he got home from school today that St. Patrick's Day is this week and he needs something green to where to school. Well he actually told me I HAD to make him something Green to wear to school. My son is the type of boy that will not come close to something that might remotely look like it's made for a girl, so I was a little stomped as to what I could make for him. I took to the net to do some searching around for some fun crafts of St. Patty's day. I came across these few crafts that I really liked, but my heart is telling me I will be making these for my nieces and not my son. I love those t-shirts that say "kiss me I'm Irish" maybe I can make him on of those. Or an over sized neck tie with some felt shamrocks attached to it. Who knows what I'll come up with. Check back in with me in a couple of days. I'm pretty sure I'll come up with something cool for him to sport to school. If you like any of the crafts above check the links below for how-to tutorials. 

Images courtesy of : Tiny PrintsSunshine CreationsMartha StewartCraft FoxesAll Things Cupcakes

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