A World with No Kids......

Forgive me, but when I see a room that is decorated in all white everything I feel a bit of envy. It puts me in the mind of a world with No Kids. I had one hell of a weekend with the 2 & 4 year old in my home. Sometimes when things get really hectic I drifted off into my "Scrubs" bubble and retreat to a place like this. I mean can't you just image being in a place never touched by little fingers. No cheese and cracker residue, no juice stains, no toys to step on, and no noise. For some reason in my bubble my all white space is sound proof, it has the ability to block out all unwanted outside noise. I love the clean and crisp feeling all white gives off. Oh how I would love to be in a world where it's not required for me to cook and clean daily. Oh well, it's all wishful thinking at this point. Sometimes we moms just need an escape whether it be real or just in our minds.

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